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ProPrivacy's mission is to help users around the world reclaim their right to privacy through research, reviews, knowledge-sharing, investigations and direct action. As Senior Designer, I am responsible for the company's brand identity and the UI/UX of its frontend and backend websites.

I joined the company right before a major redesign of both its frontend and backend sites, so it was the perfect opportunity to show what I'm capable of. Together with the extremely talented development team, we were able to rebuild the entirety of the frontend website in just two and a half months.

In order to stay ahead in this highly competitive market, the frontend website needs to work flawlessly for every user every time. This required creating a very strong code foundation that works even in older browsers. We are keeping a very close eye on website performance, cross-browser compatibility and SEO-friendliness.

The user-facing website is managed through a highly complex admin panel that is able to handle all the websites of our parent company, including ProPrivacy. To achieve this I built a solid yet very flexible design system with which we can prototype new admin pages in just minutes. Even though there's a high complexity in the underlying business logic, the admin site remains very easy to use and navigate.


Screenshot of ProPrivacy's Homepage
The Homepage of ProPrivacy. Listing the most important and up-to-date news and articles about online privacy and security.
Screenshot of ProPrivacy's Article Page
A fullwidth article on ProPrivacy. This is a special type of layout with no sidebars, just the content.
Screenshot of ProPrivacy's About Page
The About Us page. You can learn more about what we do and get to know the people who work on the site.
Screenshot of ProPrivacy's Tool Page
The What Is My IP Tool. One of many privacy-oriented tools to help you stay safe online.

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