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Hey, I'm Roland. I'm 31 years old, currently living in Budapest, Hungary.

I created my first webpage in 2006 using a CMS called e107. There was one pre-made template I liked so much I would keep customizing it for different websites.

Today, I'm a senior designer of Retalk.com, responsible for creating and maintaining the website that serves over a hundred-thousand people worldwide.

The reason I love the web so much is that it continuously keeps me learning, as new technologies and methods keep popping up. There's never been a period in my career when I thought my job was boring. Nowadays I'm crazy about web performance, accessibility, and the JAMstack.

In my free time, I play computer- and board games, take loads of photos with my camera, translate useful stuff to my native language, and read books on how to be a better person.

What does a Frontend Designer do, anyway?

Glad you asked! To my mom, I make websites. To everyone else, I'm a web professional with a very specific skillset in the labyrinthian realm of modern frontend development. Here's the nitty-gritty:

Fields of Expertise

  • I am highly skilled at HTML and CSS. I hand-write semantic, reusable and overall beautiful code. My main focus is performance and accessibility.
  • I design websites and user interfaces. I am highly proficient in the principles of web design, typography and color theory. My designs are more functional than artistic.

Other than that…

  • I have a solid grasp on user experience principles and best practices, but I don't conduct user surveys or do research.
  • I am familiar with key aspects of graphic design and how to incorporate it into web design, but I don't create hand-made illustrations or custom graphics.
  • I write basic presentational JavaScript and jQuery to control the interactive behaviour of user interface elements, but I don't write application-level code or work with JS-based frameworks.
  • I understand the importance of backend development and I can confidently work with templating systems, but I don't write backend logic (PHP, Python, C++, etc.) or fiddle with server-related stuff.
  • I know the onsite principles and best practices of search engine optimization, but I don't do offsite SEO, such as link building or guest posting.
  • I can create Wordpress themes from scratch and customize existing ones. I can comfortably work with The Loop, custom post types and custom page templates. However, I don't fiddle with more advanced Wordpress functions, and I don't do Wordpress plugin development.

Career History

  1. Junior Web Developer
    The Pulilab, 2012
  2. Web Designer
    Higher Click, 2013—2014
  3. Lead Designer
    Buffered VPN, 2015—2018
  4. Senior Designer
    ProPrivacy, 2018—today

About Me FAQ

Do you use any coding frameworks?

No, I don't. I pride myself in hand-crafting every line of my code and not relying on third party, often bloated frameworks. I have my own simple, tried-and-tested grid system (~4 kB) that I use for my early layouts, but other than that, I hand-craft every component and page layout for each project.

Will you work for me full-time?

No, I won't. I am currently in a full-time commitment with Retalk.com, and I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. However, if you're satisfied with my work, I can certainly continue working with you on any other projects you may have.