What Can I Do for You?

Website Development

I can create a presentational website for your business from start to finish. We'll be working closely together throughout the process.

Sitebuilding (PSD to HTML)

Got a website design that needs to be coded into a working website? I'm your man for that! That's where I shine the best.


If you need my expert advice on your idea or project, I'll be happy to give you my honest opinion on how to get the best out of it from a design/development perspective.

How I Work

I go to great lengths to ensure my work is of the highest quality. I am very flexible to customer requests, but there are certain qualities that I'm not willing to compromise on.

This ensures my work is always:

  • 🍦 Vanilla: I like doing things in the native, old-fashioned way where possible to enjoy full control over what does what. I only add tools to my workflow when they offer value for my projects.
  • 📋 Standards-compliant: I make great efforts to use the most semantically correct markup possible in every scenario. This inherently makes my work search engine friendly and easily accessible by both humans and computers.
  • 🚀 Fast: I optimize my code and all project assets for performance, and I don't use unnecessary features that would result in a cumbersome experience on less capable devices. Remember Vanilla?
  • 📱 Responsive: I make sure that a website works well and looks good on everything from mobile touchscreen devices to touchpad- or mouse and keyboard-controlled desktop computers.
  • ♿ Accessible: I do my best to provide an accessible user experience to everyone, including people who are confined to using screen readers, or people with visual impairments or mental health conditions.
  • 🔎 SEO-friendly: A lot of the on-site search engine optimization comes from writing semantically correct code, which I mentioned above. That, and some handmade adjustments will all increase a website's chances of ranking better in Google and other search engines.
  • 🧱 Progressively enhanced: I build a very strong code foundation for my projects, and enable certain modern features as more capable browsers and devices allow for them. This results in a website being approachable even in older browsers.
  • 📐 Easy to scale and maintain: Starting with a strong code foundation, as mentioned above, also makes websites very easy to maintain and scale up as the business grows over time.

As an all-rounder professional I perform the best when I am in charge of all things that are of my expertise. This means I prefer working solo on a project, but if you have other designers or developers on your team, and looking for a helping hand, I am happy to work as a member of a team.

I work remotely from my home office in Budapest. I have no problem working early mornings or late nights to overcome timezone differences.


In the earliest days of launching my company, I needed someone who could wrangle my rudimentary wireframes into an attractive, functional website. Roland delivered on his very first assignment. I recommend his work without hesitation.

Roland designed and built a website for me both quickly and professionally. He was also a real pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him.

Freelancing FAQ

Is my idea all you need to start on my project?

No. I'm neither a copywriter, nor an illustrator, nor a brand identity designer. Please have your copy, images and logos ready before jumping in. If your project requires stock imagery, I can assist in finding the right ones.

Will you finalize my project that was left unfinished?

Yes, but in different ways.

  • If you have all your wireframes ready, I can use that to create a functional design and write the code for it.
  • If you have all the designs ready for your project, I can immediately start coding it, easy-peasy.
  • If your project was halted in the middle of any of the abovementioned phases, I'd prefer scrapping whatever you have in that particular phase, and restarting that phase of the process.
Will you design a logo for my project as well?

Yes. -ish. I'm really good at the problem-solving end of design, however, I don't consider myself a creative person. That being said, I can certainly design a functional logo for your project, but I definitely won't be able to create that ridiculously awesome logo that will land on the next Best Logo Designs of 2020 list.

Will you design collaterals, like business cards or letterheads?

Yes. If required, I can definitely help with collateral design, on the same terms as above. It works best when you already have a logo, and/or some kind of visual direction.

Can you put my website on the first page of Google's search results?

No. I cannot guarantee that Google will place your website higher up in the search rankings. However, I always author my code with great care on semantics in an effort to increase the chances of it.

Is my website going to look the same in every browser?

No. Only the most modern browsers will be able to provide the fullest user experience. Older browsers will still be able to approach and render the website's contents, but at a reduced fidelity in some cases. This is because older browsers are not updated with new features of the Web anymore, and can only use their limited capabilities to display websites.

Come Say Hi!

I'm happy to talk to people. Feel free to drop me a line at: