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Many websites of Hungarian restaurants and pizzerias have a horrible user experience, especially regarding the choosing and ordering process. We set out to make this experience better for both owners and customers. Ananas is a WIP online ordering platform and content management system for restaurants and pizzerias.

Guests can order food and manage their accounts on the public site. We're making sure that every customer can use Ananas-based websites, regardless of their browsers' capabilities. Because of this, we're building the public site using progressive enhancement and a mobile-first approach.

Owners and employees can manage products and monitor the business on the administration website. They have the ability to manage meals, food types, ingredients, and even inventory. We are implementing a customization system to choose different layouts, fonts, and colors so that no two Ananas-based websites will look the same.

While Ananas is primarily targeting pizzerias, we make great efforts to make all backend components as generalized as possible, so that theoretically even the corner hardware store can use Ananas as their website engine.

Ananas is set to enter closed beta stage soon, and launch at the end of 2020.


Screenshot of Ananas CMS's Frontend
Screenshot of the public site of Ananas. This is the website for guests through which they order their food.
Screenshot of Ananas CMS's Backend
Screenshot of the admin site of Ananas. This is the place where you customize your site and manage products.

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