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As a web developer I use random texts a lot in my work. Almost always I place the output text inside HTML tags, but I have to do this manually every time. I quickly felt the need to create a text generator that will mark up text for me. Sprinkle that with Hobbits, Dwarves and Gandalf himself, and you've got LOTRem Ipsum.

The tool has two main operational modes; one for generating marked up text for web developers (currently called Advanced Mode), and one for plain text generation for print designers and everyone else.

The words are randomly generated from the subtitles of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. Some of the most iconic quotes also appear among the generated sentences.

We're in the planning phase of redoing LOTRem Ipsum from the ground up, adding more quality of life features, fancy new graphics, and an overall less Mordory, more moderny look and feel.


Screenshot of LOTRem Ipsum's Basic Mode
The Basic Mode of LOTRem Ipsum. Here you can generate regular text.
Screenshot of LOTRem Ipsum's Advanced Mode
The Advanced Mode of LOTRem Ipsum. This is the cream of the tool, where you can generate a fully-fledged webpage with almost every HTML tag sprinkled in.

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