Project Description

Buffered VPN App Logo

During my time at Buffered from 2015 to 2018, I've had a wide variety of tasks to do, but undoubtedly my most exciting one was the application design of our VPN app.

The main objectives of the app were ease of use, cross-platform functionality and consistent look and feel with our brand.

I started off the design process by creating a set of reusable components like texts, buttons, status indicators, etc. There have been over 30 screens created and designed for the final version.

The application was written in Qt by our in-house developers. It was my responsibility to work closely with them to ensure a consistent design and that every pixel was in the right place.

The application has enabled ~100.000 users worldwide to use the internet safely and securely. Buffered VPN has since been acquired by, so the app is not available for download anymore.


Screenshot of Buffered VPN App's Login Screen
The Login screen of the Buffered VPN application.
Screenshot of Buffered VPN App's Connected Screen
The Connected screen would show the connection status, current speeds and data traffic.
Screenshot of Buffered VPN App's Settings Screen
The Settings screen would allow users to customize the VPN.